"Hardware Stars" gathers a burst of popularity


25,000 square meters of hardcover exhibition area, attr […]

25,000 square meters of hardcover exhibition area, attracting 392 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, gathering more than 1,000 kinds of high-quality hardware products... On May 24th, the 8th China (Chongqing) Dazu International Hardware Fair opened its first in Dazu Deheng Business Logistics City On the day of the day, it was characterized by “large scale”, “high level” and “all categories”.

Dazu is known as “the hardware capital of western China”. At present, it has formed more than 200 varieties of more than 200 products in 12 categories including daily hardware, automobile and motorcycle parts, and employs more than 200,000 people. The annual turnover of hardware exceeds 30 billion yuan. . Among them, nearly 20 million kitchen knives are sold annually, and more than 4 million tons of traditional tools such as iron chains, hammers and steel brazing.

"This Fair 'Hardware Stars' collection is our trading platform, communication platform, display platform and investment platform for the hardware industry." The relevant person in charge of the Dazu District Industrial Park introduced the hardcover exhibition area, the heavy industry exhibition area and the standard exhibition area. There are 1,200 booths with an exhibition area of ​​25,000 square meters. 392 companies from home and abroad brought more than 1,000 kinds of hardware products to participate in the exhibition, covering 10 major categories including hardware tools, construction hardware and civil hardware.

German Zwilling, American Stanley, Italian Saatchi... Chongqing Daily reporter saw in a beautifully decorated “Hardware International Pavilion” that dozens of hardware brand products from abroad competed for “Baimei”. Among them, the German Shuangli people's on-site product display show attracted a large number of people to applaud, and many people bought the favorite tools on the spot.

The "Dazu Hardware Boutique Exhibition Hall" next to it does not show weakness. In the 600-square-meter exhibition hall, in addition to the hardware products such as cutting tools, automobile and motorcycle parts, and agricultural machinery manufacturing, there are more than 200 pieces of Dafa local enterprises' invention patents, high-tech achievements, and city-level brand-name products. Come to the crowd to praise and snap up.

The Dazu Dengjiadao booth invited two stars to “stand the platform”: one was to move a traditional forging skill of 400 kilograms to the scene, and the second was to invite the third generation of Dengjiadao to inherit the 79-year-old Deng. Xiaowen came to "stay the field". "A big knife!" "You are the one who gave Comrade Deng Xiaoping a knife?" The singular audience was all excited to take out their mobile phones and took photos with the elderly and the Broadsword.

Different from previous years, the Expo not only put the development achievements of robots, drones, smart equipment and other emerging industries into the booth, but also integrated Dazu tourism, modern logistics, e-commerce and other industries into the exhibition, fully reflecting the hardware. New achievements in industry development and new trends in smart development.

On the first day of the Expo, the “Intelligent Change” E-Commerce and “One Belt and One Road” International Market Expansion Summit Forum and the Accelerated Enterprise Cloud Promotion Smart Park Construction Forum were held. The domestic and international industry giants discussed the innovation and development of the hardware industry with wisdom. topic.

"This expo will promote the exchange and cooperation between 'Dazu Manufacturing' and the international and other regions in a wider, broader and higher level, showing new developments in the hardware industry and new trends in smart development." The relevant person in charge of Dazu District introduced that the exhibition will use the exhibition as the medium and the market as the bridge to inherit the spirit of the craftsman and the spirit of innovation, which will help Dazu Hardware to go global.