How To Use Pipe Clamps


An on board to guide rails can be welded on the foundat […]

An on board to guide rails can be welded on the foundation, or with screws, then push the inside rail nut orbit and turn 90 degrees and the lower half of the body embedded tube clamp nut, put the need fixed pipe, add the upper half of the pipe clip body and cover with screws.

Mounting plate assembly before welding, to better determine the direction of the folder, it is recommended to do the marking in a fixed place, after welding, welding, pipe clamps fitted on the lower half of the body, put the tube need fixing.

Put on another half pipe clamp body and the cover screwed tight. Avoid direct soldering has been installed floor pipe clamps.

Stacked assembly can be welded rail on the basis of, or screws, first with the upper and lower half of the pipe clamp body, need to put on a fixed pipe and put on half pipe clamp body, with screws through the locking plate to prevent it from turning.

Then install a second tube clip. Bend the assembly, the assembly elbow, should be directly in front and rear elbow pipe clamp with Insein. Such recommendations should be fixed bearing point position.